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home price changes by state 2015

Year over Year percentage changes in home prices – Nevada

As you can see across the country, every single region is showing positive in regards to home appreciation rates . If you look at your last version, which we posted three months ago, you’ll see that each one of those regions are down a little bit from where they were. That doesn’t mean prices are falling. That means that appreciation isn’t as high as it was earlier in the year—year‐over‐year home price appreciation. So it doesn’t mean prices are coming down—it means they’re not increasing at the same levels that they were earlier in the year. But it gives you a pretty good feel that the nation as a whole is recovering across the board. If you are moving from one part of the country to another you will also have a little bit more feeling of the different regions in the country and what’s happening with home prices.

You will see that Nevada had the highest home appreciation rate year to date YOY in 2014. This is a double edge sword because if you are a homebuyer you missed out on making this money and if you are a homeowner you banked some excellent gains. Don’t let another year go by and not be a homeowner.


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