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New Home Builder Credit to Buyer Closing Costs Incentive

Benefits of Bringing A Heuser Team representative with you:

  • Trusted advisor on your side for FREE – The Heuser team has closed over 100 new construction homes with builders

  • 30% of our commision credited to your closing costs *

  • Two hours at design studio with our professional interior designer for FREE *

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Everyone deserves someone on their side when making what is arguably the largest purchase of their lives. Unfortunately, Tom and Serena kept hearing over and over again how many people have gone directly to the builders without realizing they can bring their own professional representation with them for FREE. With The Heuser Team having represented clients on over 100 brand new homes, they are the experts you want to have on your side. 
In order to make people aware, Tom and Serena knew they needed to start offering an incentive to utilize their expertise during the purchase process.
Majority of builders pay Realtors a commission because they want to compete with the resale market so they welcome agents to their communities. Thirty percent (yes, 30%) of The Heuser Team’s commission will go towards your closing costs when bringing them along with you to the builder on your first visit. Being with you on that first visit is a requirement by the builders in order to allow us to be your representative. 
In offering this impressive incentive they believe more buyers will be informed and feel more comfortable during the entire build out process by just having an experienced professional on their side. Having someone who is well versed in the new construction process is incredibly important and now, when you bring someone from The Heuser Team with you to be your representative, you will also receive this impressive incentive. Who you work with matters and not all real estate agents are the same. You need a professional with a proven track record working with the builders. 
And that’s not all. Should you desire, they will also provide you two hours with an experienced interior designer who will accompany you to the design studio. It can be daunting to build a brand new home so to have someone with you to help choose colors, materials and give you some advice might make you feel better walking out of the studio without second guessing everything you just picked out. 
More facts about new construction:
Did you know that you should have a Realtor represent you when purchasing new construction? Remember that the salesperson that works in the office works for the builder, not you. Our team can represent your interests to ensure paperwork is accurate and unnecessary fees aren’t being passed onto you. This could save you thousands with our services. Even better is that our new home buying services are free. Yes, FREE. Having a Realtor represent you when buying from a new home builder is critical. If you think the builder will reduce their prices because you don’t have an agent then think again as that is just more money to their bottom line.  Our team is there with you for the final walk through to call the builder out on wrong materials, poor cosmetic workmanship, and many other details. You’d be surprised at what we find with our experienced set of eyes. We know what to look for. 
To benefit from this incentive, don’t be shy. Give The Heuser Team a call and bring them with you on that first visit. Then you’ll see why they have nearly 400 5-STAR reviews on Zillow!

* Client is required to mention this incentive, to their Heuser Team Realtor, and get a confirmation via email prior to signing a builder contract. This incentive is not valid to past contracts signed or prior to March 1st, 2020.