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YOY inventory levels

Las Vegas housing inventory is up to help buyers

YOY inventory levelsIf you have tried to buy a home in Las Vegas, Henderson or Summerlin within the last two years you may have found it to be a difficult experience due to low housing inventory levels and multiple offers. During this timeframe we have still been able to help our buyers find great homes to purchase but there was not a lot of wiggle room or choices as the distressed home sales were constantly decreasing.

Over the last 3 months we have seen some added housing inventory come into the market and MLS which has really helped realign the Las Vegas market to allow buyers a few more homes to choose from and a bit longer to make a decision. This doesn’t mean that the sellers market has went away just yet but the sellers are now having to be more realistic and buyers can take a day or two to think about their decision.

This is a great time to buy before interest rates increase in 2015 and other buyer realize there are more homes available to purchase.

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