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Main Content

How Sustainable Is The Micro Housing Trend?

Something the Europeans have been doing for decades has finally made its way over to the United States: the trend is called micro housing, and it’s turned into an entirely new way of living.

With this micro housing trend in America, we’re beginning to do away with over sized condos and even detached homes, learning to live in a micro-housingmore minimalistic manner and curbing our hoarding habits for good.

The affordability of micro housing is making it possible even for young adults and students to purchase their homes in the city centers across North America. But one must ask, is the micro housing trend good for the globe too? Will in work in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Sustainability Of Micro Condos

Being able to pack more salable units into one building and lowering the purchase prices to widen the market and encourage young buyers to purchase instead of rent is certainly economically beneficial; but is this trend sustainable and beneficial for the planet too?

You would be surprised, but as it turns out, the cost of building a micro-condo building in Las Vegas, Nevada over a regular sized one has a much lighter footprint on our earth. Micro-housing is a sustainable part of urban design because it is made to be a contributing asset to compact cities across America, requiring less building infrastructure cost, fewer natural resources, and less of an environmental impact from shipping to construction to ongoing maintenance and property management.

Some micro-buildings even have shared areas like kitchens and lounges; this helps to cut back on building costs even further and lessens air pollution from shipping.

But are Micro Homes Green?

Though micro detached homes are also on the rise, they have began to run into issues with bylaws in certain cities across North America. They may just be the way of the future, though, with the real estate prices in many areas, including Las Vegas and Henderson, NV growing out of control.

These small homes are similar to the micro condominium units in their petite sizes, however they typically do not have a traditional foundation, instead resting on screw piles that are attached to the ground. These easy-to-assemble micro homes, though perhaps battling with certain municipalities and their current bylaws, offer practical housing that is sustainable too.

Green features of these micro homes include the additional options of a composting toilet, grey water treatment system, a rainwater collection system, and solar power energy systems

The Lifestyle Nuances Of The Micro-Housing Trend

Other factors that should be taken into consideration when looking at the sustainability of the micro-housing trend in the kind of lifestyle it is promoting. Most commonly situated in the dense city centers, micro housing encourages a lifestyle that is affordable, thereby attracting residents who will take public transit or be within walking distance to work or school, and lessening the need for the daily use of a vehicle.

Perhaps we’re looking a little too optimistically at the future prospects, but as it seems, the micro housing trend is bringing with it all kinds of benefits, both economically and sustainability. A lifestyle and housing Green solution that finally benefits the planet is always promoted among our modern cities across North America, and soon it may just be the reason to purchase your next home instead of renting, allowing us to walk instead of drive.

For more information on the micro housing trend in your area, call your trusted Las Vegas Realtors today, and get in the know!