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Main Content

Green Living in Las Vegas, NV: Water Saving Tips For Spring

Water is the planet’s most precious natural resource and even more so in the Nevada desert. Having access to clean water is a privilege that, unfortunately, many people in America still take for granted.

By implementing new water efficiency technologies and past conservation methods, we can help preserve the existing water supply for future green-livinggenerations to come. Trying to reduce consumption whenever possible is something everyone can do to live a little greener today.

Making Sure Your Home Is Leak Free

The 1st stop on your journey to save water is to ensure your personal Las Vegas home is free of water leaks indoors and out. Make your way through your home, and properly shut off the water at all fixtures and faucets throughout the house. Air-cooling systems and other devices that use water should also be shut off.

Locate and read your water meter, wait two hours (without using any water), and recheck it. If your water meter gives you two different readings, you are leaking water somewhere, and the problem needs further investigating.

If you find yourself flooded with problems, it may be time to call your local Las Vegas area real estate professional. Most issues are easily repaired or upgraded, but sometimes a fresh efficient start may be a more simple solution. There are many newer Las Vegas homes for sale that are more water efficient and we can help you find them.

Aerator It Out And Get In the Flow

Consider installing aerators on faucets and shower heads to reduce their usage by nearly half. These aerators are cheap and easy to install. By injecting household air into the fresh water flow, you keep the same water pressure, but use less water.

If you are buying a new toilet soon, complete your water saving bathroom list with a low flow model. These low flow toilets can save about 9,000 gallons of water annually.

If buying a new toilet is not in your near future, a simple homemade contraption can cut down on water being flushed away. Fill a water bottle with some rocks or pebbles so it sinks, and fill the rest with water. Place the bottle in the tank of your old toilet. By displacing some of the water in the tank, you can save around 500 gallons of water annually.

Obtain A Lush Lawn With Less Water in Las Vegas

Over-watering your grass in Las Vegas is wasteful and counterproductive. Watering your Las Vegas lawn four times a week is better for grass than daily sprinklings. Giving your lawn a good soaking with an inch of water every few days will keep it lush and will also save water. You should also avoid over-mowing.

Best height for grass is two to three inches tall. Over-mowed grass tends to have a weak root system, and requires more water to keep it growing strong. When it rains turn of your landscaping water for that day.

Mulch Las Vegas Landscaping To Lock In Moisture

Mulch around the trees, bushes and shrubs in your  Las Vegas yard. Mulch holds in moisture, and will keep the water in the ground for a longer time frame. There are also water bags at most nursery’s that do a good job of keeping young trees hydrated in dryer areas.

Ensure your sprinklers are putting water where it is needed, and not unnecessarily watering the driveway, pool decking or sidewalk. When the sidewalks and patios need a sweeping, make sure you reach for the broom and leave the hose off.

By making a few informed decisions to cut down on your Las Vegas homes water consumption, you can feel good knowing you are doing your part to conserve. When water flows freely daily, it can be easy to forget how precious of a resource it is.

Remind yourself that fresh water is a natural resource that needs to be saved is Las Vegas, and should not be wasted. Access to clean water is something no one wants to see dwindle. Help by continuing to looking for solutions, and find answers to your water-saving questions by calling your local Realtor professional today. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about green living in the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada area.