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2018 Forecast for Las Vegas, NV home prices

Don’t get Rate Locked out of your home purchase in 2018

If you’re living in a home you don’t love or you’re renting and planning on buying in 2018, consider the following…
Experts predict that Las Vegas area home values will appreciate about 6% in 2018 plus mortgage rates are also predicted to increase about .50%. If your current home has a 3.5% interest rate you may decide to stay living in a home you don’t love or continue to rent as interest rates go up. You will not only get SQUEEZED by prices, but also by rising mortgage rates. Housing today remains very affordable based on historical standards due to existing low mortgage rates. Higher mortgage rates will begin to lower buyers purchasing power into 2018.
If you are a buyer who also plans to sell a $300,000 home with a $200,000 mortgage then purchase a $500,000 home with a $400,000 mortgage, you might decide not to if rates increase by just 1%. You will have missed the opportunity for the low rate that may never return.  Act now and call The Heuser Team today to get started selling and/or buying.

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