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Benefits of joining The Heuser Team

Now Hiring Kick Ass People!

If you are a ROCKSTAR and ready to crush 2017 & 2018 then apply today!

4 Agents  

Hiring Cool, Hard Working, Highly Motivated, Energetic and Ethical agents. Speaking a 2nd language is highly desirable, but not a requirement. Must have closed a minimum 3 transactions. Need agents in Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin and Las Vegas. Must be full-time with a NV RE License. 

Inside Sales Associate  

Are you great at sales over the phone, but don’t want to show homes, negotiate contracts and meet with unrealistic sellers? We are looking for a phone animal to set appointments for the agents. NV RE License is required. Evenings and weekend shifts required. Salary & commission to start.

Marketing Coordinator 

Looking for a creative person that can oversee all aspects of marketing including social media, print, recruiting, email marketing, video marketing, mail, etc. Graphic arts is not required, but at least one year experience in direct response marketing is preferred. Salary position. 

Benefits of joining The Heuser Team

Now Hiring Cool, Hard Working, Highly Motivated, Energetic and Ethical agents that are ready to make six figures like other agents on our team.



The Heuser Team is a top producing, honest, ethical, and highly energetic real estate team with a strong desire to deliver world class service to our clients and contribute positively to our community. We focus on working each day with a healthy competitive spirit and an unwavering work ethic. Our team focuses daily on creating and maintaining consistent growth while helping each individual team member achieve their personal and professional goals. We are committed to providing excellent customer service along with being purposeful and accountable to maintain our status as the team of choice is Las Vegas, Henderson, & Summerlin.



  • Trending to close 130 transaction in 2017 – #1 @ Realty ONE Group Summerlin
  • Top 1% of agents in NV for annual closed transactions in 2016 & 2017
  • Consistent 100% growth year over year – Top 3 in production for 2015, 2016 & 2017 @ Realty One Group Summerlin
  • No agent has ever quit our team – we provide what we promise


In our business model we have divided our team into four quadrants of the city. The goal with this model is to help agents work closer to home. Working closer to home is best for buyers, sellers and equally as important, YOU because no one knows an area better than where they live, work and play daily. Our goal is to get your leads in this area so you have the best chances of working closest to home. Our studies show that 70% of people close within 10 miles of where they registered at an open house or internet lead.


What The Heuser Team Offers All Agents On The Team

Mastermind                      Proven Systems & Processes

Camaraderie                     Transaction Coordinators

Open Houses                    Professional Training

Website & CRM                Goal Setting & Accountability

Coaching                            Inside Sale Agents

Tools                                    Proven Business Model

Buyer Leads                     Seller Leads


Mastermind – A proven way through history to learn and make better decisions in business is by having a group of like minded people to share best practices through successes and failures. We have a weekly meeting to discuss what is and isn’t working in today’s real estate market. Tired of not getting any offers accepted? Tired of deals falling apart? This is an easy fix when you’re around other agents that are making this happen daily.

Systems and processes – The most successful businesses and people in the world have reached that level through consistently building out better systems and processes to offer top notch customer service, elite marketing and conversion processes. This is the sure way to get new business, referrals and repeat clients. We call this the WOW factor. The Heuser Team has all these systems in place so everything is plug and play. Don’t pay $100 for a lead then not know how to nurture them for the next 12 months. Yes, that is not a typo as it is very common for most leads to take 6-18 months to convert into a paycheck. We avoid making the mistake of dropping the ball on the 2nd or 3rd week or month. These leads are not garbage, they’re just not ready yet!

Camaraderie – There are more than 13,000 agents that would love to see you fail in this business so they can get extra business. Imagine having a team on your side to build loyal friendships where everyone wants you to succeed and rise to the top of your industry. Everyone is better at certain pillars of real estate such as open houses, internet leads, sphere of influence, referrals, GEO Farming, Expireds, FSBO, etc. We’ll help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses and even tell you which to focus more on. Why would the team do this? Frankly, the agents on our team are knowledgable & successful agents and they are tired of working with agents that are clueless and have no one to turn to for help. This business would be so much easier and more fun if every agent was properly trained before getting out there to try to figure it out while in a transaction.

Transaction Coordinators – Let’s be honest we all want to make the most money per hour. After closing hundreds of transactions we realized that processing paperwork all day was a time suck and didn’t give us any more future business. This is why we have a full-time transaction coordination team that handles 95% of task from contract to close. This means from the time you get an executed agreement until closing, you only have to negotiate repairs, do the final walk thru and make your clients love you. If you want to close more than 20+ deals per year you can’t be drowning in paperwork all day. If you are like most high producing sales type personalities this only SUCKS all the energy and motivation out of you. Agents only make money when doing FIVE activities which are prospecting, showing homes, listing or buyer appointments, writing contracts and negotiating. If you are doing anything else than the five items, you are doing $10 per hour work. You should value your time at $50+ per hour and give all the $10 per hour tasks to someone else.

Coaching – We all know how it is to join a brokerage with all these promises of how they are going to help you succeed and answer your questions but come to find out their door is always closed and they never answer their phone or return calls in a timely manner. How will you ever learn the business and satisfy your clients if you can’t get simple questions answered to move a deal forward for your clients? I am not talking about training classes when you don’t have business; I am talking about deal specific questions to get under contract and make a commission. Tom & Serena Heuser know what this is like and we don’t think that it’s fair to any agent that is trying to make a living and support a family. We typically get questions answered or provide in depth help within 30-60 minutes if we are unable to answer your phone call. We also offer a 30 day Fast Start Guide that will go over in video format the answers to many questions and how to fill forms out properly. Others on the team are always willing to help also.

Open Houses – We do team sponsored mega open houses where we select a premier listing, have a sign person put out more than 40 open house signs, flags, etc and do lots of online marketing to promote the event. You simply show up for your shift dressed professionally and convert those leads into closings using our provided scripts.

Professional Training – Not only do we have a smooth 30 day on boarding process and Fast Start Guide but we also have a weekly required team meeting, bi-weekly 2 hour required workshop, weekly required script practice sessions, and 3 hour of power required sessions weekly. If the word required scares you then a team is probably just what you needed. Many agents felt they could get into this business and friends and family would just throw them business. 99% of agents find out within their first year that it is not that simple. Not even your friends and family members trust you when you are new in the business. In order to make six figures consistently year after year you must have a daily routine with goals and commitments to stay on track.

Website & CRM – We supply the most superior and state of the art website and CRM platform. Most agents are using lackluster products due to the expense. How are you going to compete against the huge real estate websites when you are not using high quality products. The more your prospects search other websites and register you have a higher chance of them working with another agent.

Goal Setting & Accountability – So? What are you aiming for? Tom and Serena talk to agents weekly with a dream to make a lot of money. The problem is that the majority of dreams don’t come true if you don’t know where to start. We help you run a profitable real estate business by setting achievable goals and routines. Through these methods about 80% of our team is now hitting their personal annual goals.

Inside Sales Agents – How wonderful would it be to have an inside sales person set a buyer of seller appointment for you without any effort on your part? Yes, it’s truly amazing that you now have a chance to close a deal without nurturing this future client for months or years.

Tools – We supply tools to make money at no cost to you including lockboxes, listing signs, info hotline signs, CRM, website, business cards, buyer and seller marketing platform, one on one coaching, professional training, auto dialer access, buyer and seller leads.

Proven Business Model – We are an experienced team that has already been through the massive growth phase. We have proven repeatable systems that simply work. When you and your family depend on your income don’t leave it to chance and join a team that isn’t already successful. It might take many years to figure out if their systems and processes will work.

Buyer & Seller Leads – We saved this one for last because if you don’t have all the above, then the leads are just a waste of money. Yes, we do provide leads and a lot of them, but not before you are properly prepared. Our average lead costs between $40-$150 so you can imagine that it gets expensive when you don’t say the right things. This business becomes way simpler with preparation and skills. We will provide you with scripts that really work, plus we have required script practice weekly to get you up to speed quickly. Remember that 85% of all agents will say the same thing when they talk to a new lead. That is why they make less that $40,000 per year. What you say matters so getting well scripted will ensure you achieve a six figure salary. Also, if you don’t desire a six figure salary then please don’t apply as we are not the team for you. We are only willing to work with highly motivated ROCKSTARS that have a desire to be at the top of their game in real estate. 

Email your resume today or apply at https://greaterlasvegashomes.com/join-the-heuser-team/ for consideration and include why you know you will be a great addition to our team. If you only send through a generic resume then you will not be considered for these positions as we are only hiring Rockstars that are are willing to go above and beyond everyday.