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10 most undervalued housing markets

If you are a homeowner, that has purchased in the last few years, in the greater Las Vegas Nevada area or you are looking to purchase a home soon you might be happy to see that Las Vegas was just voted in the top 10 for undervalued home markets. It will be great to see our biggest assets rise in value as Las Vegas continues to recover.

These markets are still undervalued, according to real estate investment firm West Realty Advisors. by CNN MONEY.

1. Detroit

2. Orlando

3. Las Vegas

4. Sarasota, FL

5. Phoenix

6. Memphis

7. Chicago

8. Manchester, NH

9. Columbus, OH

10. Portland, OR

Read entire article on CNN MONEY: 10 most undervalued housing markets

It might be time to take a gamble on Las Vegas. “There’s a lot of money be poured into Vegas right now,” said Paine.

New home construction has been strong in the area, he added, which has helped keep home prices from getting too inflated.

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